A thermostat on a wall

Features that make our homes more energy efficient 

When buying a home, the degree to which it conserves energy is a consideration for many. A number of features play into how efficient a home is, from house design to the materials used in the build. Here’s a list of features that place all our new builds into the category of energy efficient homes UK. 


More efficient heating and cooling systems 

Many of our London properties benefit from a local power source called a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system. Now whilst this doesn’t directly affect the amount of energy your home uses, it does provide your home with a greener, more efficient fuel source. Call it peace of mind! 


Smart meters & efficient appliances

Each of our homes is furnished with house features that allow you to monitor and drive down your daily energy use. Smart meters are included in every home as well as individual thermostats for the main living areas and bedrooms. 

So what does this mean? It means you can create a warm and inviting living area without heating your bedrooms, or vice versa. If you’re putting the heating on, you needn’t waste energy heating rooms that you’re not spending time in. The smart meter allows you full oversight of just how much energy you’re using every day. 


Latest technologies

As part of Lendlease’s commitment to Net Zero, we invest in the latest technologies to build truly energy efficient homes in the UK. These technologies might be complex, like the CHP Systems, or simple, like using energy efficient lighting wherever we can. 

The effects of these technologies, however, are so valuable. An example might be our investment in technologies that reduce water use, meaning that a Lendlease home uses 30% less water than the UK standard


Intelligent design

When we talk about energy efficient house design, this mostly refers to our investment in insulation and ventilation systems. Combining quality insulation with our ventilation systems means that the air in your home is fresh and recycled without losing any of the warm or cool air that you’re fuelling. 


Greener amenities

Moving from energy efficiency within the home to that outside the home, we keep a close eye on the surrounding public realm of our developments. With increasing investment in cycle lanes in the City of London, we have introduced thousands of free bicycle parking spaces at Elephant Park, within easy reach of our homes at West Grove and Park & Sayer. 

In some of our developments, we’ve also brought more amenities, like a gym and public workspace, into the building – meaning you don’t have to travel anywhere to complete a workout or find an out-of-home workspace. 

As well as energy efficiency, we want our homeowners to experience a greener way of life – and time spent in nature is a key part of this. That’s why each of our homes comes with private outdoor space - be it a garden, a terrace, or a balcony -and an abundance of natural light to keep that circadian rhythm on point. 

We currently have developments with energy efficient UK homes across London, in Manchester, and in York. To find out more about our properties for sale in these areas, visit one of our development pages.