Flats for sale in York city centre: live minutes from these top five historical landmarks

Unrivalled by anywhere else in Northern England for vibrancy, character and history, York’s medieval streets are steeped in the past while looking the future dead-on. With flats for sale in York city centre some of the most coveted in the region, the area is set to enjoy continued growth thanks to the £650 million York Centre Project, regenerating infrastructure, public investment and added commercial space. We’ve compiled our top five places just minutes from home, as the proud owner of a Hungate apartment . . . 


1. York Minster

Situated just 10 minutes’ walk from Hungate lies the city’s main attraction - York Minster. 

There has been a church on the site of York Minster since AD 627 when a simple wooden structure was built in honour of Saint Peter. Over the next five centuries, from this meagre shack sprouted the colossal Gothic structure we enjoy today, standing as one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. Following the traditional cruciform plan with an octagonal chapter house attached and two towers to the west front, its impressive silhouette is the dominant feature on York’s skyline. Intricate sculpture and ornate detailing outside and in, the cathedral proves a feast for the eyes. The bell towers ring every quarter of an hour during the day, and during evening, hymn tunes are played on a baton keyboard connected to the bells occasionally playing anything from Beethoven to the Beatles! A perfect accompaniment to your walk home. . . 


2. Merchant Adventurer’s Hall

One of the main draws for people looking for flats in York city centre is the proximity to culture and rich history. The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall delivers just that. It is one of the finest medieval guildhalls in the world and it’s just 15 minutes’ walk from Hungate. The Hall is the perfect place to while away an hour delving into the area’s entrepreneurial past, exploring rare artefacts and beautiful architecture under the majestic 14th century oak roof. 


3. Shambles

Believed to have been the inspiration behind Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, Shambles is thought to be one of the best-preserved medieval streets in Europe. Of course, none of the original stores survive but those tempted by flats for sale in York city centre can boast the ‘most picturesque street in Britain’ just minutes from your front door. With its cobbled streets and overhanging buildings, some properties still have their original wooden shelves, used for sellers to show off cuts of meat for sale. Deliberately narrow by design, the planners aimed to keep out direct sunlight to prevent spoiling the meat - you can imagine the grittiness of early medieval life, bustling with business. 

Now of course the butchers are long gone, making way for quirky boutiques, cafes and more magic shops than you can shake a wizarding wand at. One for history and Harry Potter fans alike. 


4. York City Walls 

Just 10 minutes’ walk from Hungate’s flats, are its imposing city walls. Since Roman times, York has been encircled by thick stone parapets, a large portion of which remain today - indeed, more miles of intact wall than any other city in Europe. Spanning 13 ft high by 6 ft wide, these impressive fortresses are visible throughout the city and with their days of protecting the city over, provide residents and tourists with a peaceful place to amble, taking in the city’s views. The walls are completely free to explore in your own time, or you can book a guided tour with your own local expert who can share the extensive history and secrets lurking between the bricks and mortar. 


5. Holy Trinity Church

While dwarfed in size by York Minster which lies just behind it, Holy Trinity Church holds its own in terms of beauty and serenity. A leisurely 15 minutes’ walk from Hungate, the church feels like a hidden find, placed in a secluded churchyard off some of the city’s busiest shopping streets. Passing through an eighteenth-century archway you arrive at the church which is abutted by buildings used by artisans as workshops in medieval times. Creaking floorboards and honey-coloured stone exude charm while the stained-glass windows, installed in the early 1470s, dabble jewel-like colours onto the walls and pews, creating an ethereal glow. The fine box pews and interesting collection of monuments and memorials paint a picture of life in days gone by and provide a respite from the hectic world outside.

From York Minster to the city walls and beyond, a flat in Hungate offers history, architecture and culture just minutes from your doorstep. To reserve a flat for sale in York city centre’s newest development, visit the Hungate website to find out more.