Getting to Deptford Landings

Not sure of your way about the area? Here’s how you can get to Deptford Landings.  

Excellent transport links…getting to Deptford Landings in 30 minutes or less 

In Canary Wharf? It takes just 30 minutes in a mix of walking and public transport to get back to Deptford Landings. Though, you could cut that time in half if you cycled.   

In Greenwich? Hop on some public transport and be home in 30 minutes or less. Prefer to cycle? Then you could be home in 12 minutes. Getting to and from Deptford Landings is easy with the phenomenal transport links in place.

Getting to Deptford Landings…a walk in the park

Zone 2 offers more greenery than other areas of London – Deptford Landings is surrounded by 28 acres of parks and green space. Now that you know your way around Deptford, why not pop into one of the beautiful nearby parks? Or some of the fantastic local businesses?