Shop Local: Lomond Coffee, Deptford

An all-female, sustainably sourced, high quality coffee company that cares about paying coffee farmers a fair wage and is reasonably priced. Doesn’t exist? Oh, but it does! And they’re here in Deptford. Meet Lomond Coffee!

Pop over to Deptford Market Yard to pick up freshly roasted coffee and some brunch at Lomond Coffee. Deptford is quickly becoming a food and drink hotspot for more reasons than the roasting hot cups of coffee they serve to Lomond Coffee customers.

Not able to head to Lomond Coffee, Deptford? Visit their website to get a delivery of coffee you can enjoy at home. Fancy a different type of brew? Try Heart n Soul, a Lomond Coffee collaboration with local breweries. A percentage of every sale goes to a local charity, so you get to feel good and enjoy a nice cold drink at the end of a hard day. Feeling peckish? They have the most amazing sweet treats to choose from, and don’t worry about allergens or dietary requirements – they’ve got it covered.