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Living in Manchester City Centre: A day in the life

Living in Manchester City Centre: A day in the life

When buying a property, we’re often investing in a lifestyle as much as bricks and mortar. We want to buy a home; a place where we can be ourselves and live well.


If you’re hoping to buy a property in the city or one of our new apartments at Potato Wharf, you might like an idea of what daily life could be. Here’s what an average day could look like if you bought one of our flats for sale in Manchester City Centre.


7.30am – Wake up call

The alarm goes off. Stretch and starfish before you step out of bed onto your heated floor and wander through to the kitchen. First things first – coffee.

Fill the coffee press and admire the view from your floor to ceiling glass wall that adorns one side of your living room. The combination of light and the smell of coffee starts to properly wake you up.

8.30am – Breakfast

You didn’t really fancy your usual breakfast this morning - something tastier is required. Luckily you know just the place. Wandering over to The Banyan Tree, you sit down and order your favourite, the eggs Alabama, and a second coffee for good measure. You need the substantial breakfast to set you up for the day ahead.

10am – Hot Yoga

It’s your favourite form of exercise and one that helps you wind down at the weekend. Your favourite class is at The Life Centre, a short ten-minute walk from your flat so there’s no excuse to miss it.

The 60-minute hot yoga session leaves you feeling invigorated and like you’ve done a proper workout. Maybe you’ll return for the more relaxing candle lit yoga tomorrow… or just see how your weekend turns out!

12pm – Time for some culture

Your friend from yoga is attending a talk at the Manchester Art Gallery and asks if you want to go along. It’s being given by one of the curators and it’s been a while since you’ve been there. Besides, above all else the café there does incredible sandwiches and you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite with that Yoga class!


2.30pm – Home for a shower

You return home with a relaxing afternoon in mind. You have dinner planned for your friend’s birthday, so you need to shower and get ready after that hot yoga, followed by selecting an outfit for tonight.

You went all out and purchased a 2 bed apartment instead of a 1 bed, but that spare room quickly became an exquisite dressing room. But at least you kept a sofa bed in case a friend or two ever needed to stayover.

Alas, it dawns on you - you forgot the gift.

3.30pm – A quick shopping trip

You know what present you had in mind – there’s a shop in the Northern Quarter your friend adores. You’d be just as quick going to Manchester Arndale, but it’s only 10 minutes to the Northern Quarter using the tram from Deansgate.

You jump in, grab a gift, and come back – barely an hour has passed.


5pm – Pre-dinner, al fresco drinks

A few of your friends are coming to yours before dinner – you do love to entertain.

It was at the centre of your decision when it came to choosing a property. There were heaps of flats for sale in Manchester City Centre, but not so many that came with a private, outdoor terrace; the perfect place to host your friends.

In the spring and summer it was a jungle paradise with all the plants you had growing there, but in autumn and winter (with the aid of a few cosy blankets), it became a place to enjoy the crisp evenings. The view’s not that bad either!


7.30pm – Dinner!

You’re off to the nearby Dukes92 for dinner. Good food, a lively atmosphere, and you love being canal side! It’s the local haunt for you and your friends, especially for you given its only moments from your flat.


11pm – Home

You’re exhausted from your day, so you say your goodbyes and head home. You had the appropriate timers set so you know the warmth and comforts of home will hit you as you step through the door.

You clamber into bed, switch off the lights and count your blessings for what was yet another wonderful day.

If you want to find out more about our last few remaining flats for sale in Manchester City Centre, visit the Potato Wharf website.