Lendlease in the Top 10 for London

A specialist property review website has announced the new Top 10 developers in London, and Lendlease are listed at number 9. Taking into account 7 current and development sites, we’re proud of the 4.44-star rating from our verified residents.

What our residents say

According to the data, 90.48% of our residents across all 7 developments rate us as Very Good or Excellent, and none of our residents have rated us as Disappointing or Very Poor – thank you!

Elephant Park comes out on top, with 100% of residents rating the development as Excellent or Very Good. It’s also listed as 4th out of 145 of places to live in South East London. 

Something we like to champion is our commitment to sustainability and service, and it’s nice to see that reflected in the reviews by our residents:

I am surprisingly delighted by Elephant Park’s design features, and its adherence to the eco / green philosophy it marketed itself by. In most cases, developers only pay lip service, but this was legit.

One of my favourite features is the South Garden green area, and the fact that the gym overlooks the gardens. It makes for a very tranquil exercise experience. Also, the lady from Lendlease that helped us move in, showing us the amenities, was very helpful.

All in all, a very surprisingly positive experience, and value for money for this location!

We’re delighted to hear that our dedication to sustainability is being recognised and appreciated, we’ll definitely keep it up. 

We also understand that it can be a surprise to find such a friendly community in the heart of a huge urban city, but at Lendlease, we’re here to help. Another common theme has been our friendly and welcoming service, as well as our sleek design aesthetic:

When I moved to Elephant Park we were very surprised at how smooth and speedy the transition was. The concierge and handover team helped us move in the furniture and showed us around, and this was very smooth and pleasant, unlike in many other projects.

Also, as a cyclist, I appreciated the emphasis on bike racks, and the close proximity to central London by bicycle. The quality of the interiors was also very impressive, for this price point.

So all in all we are very happy with the amenities, the location and the design factor. Cannot wait to see the shops open up one by one, and a full community comes into place at Elephant Park.

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