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Sustainable living at Elephant Park

Those who are looking to buy in South East London may be interested to hear about Elephant Park and the borough of Southwark’s latest “green achievements”.

Southwark, and specifically Elephant Park was recently mentioned in the Evening Standard’s feature on sustainable boroughs. It was cited as a development that’s helping the city take great strides towards its ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

But what does that mean for those looking to live and work at Elephant Park? What does a sustainable area look like to a resident, visitor, or employee?

First of all, it means a significant energy saving for homes and businesses, so residents will help the planet and save money – win, win. A new Energy Hub has been brought to the area which makes each home and business 35% more energy efficient than current standards. It also means each home will use 30% less water than the current average. Eventually, the Energy Hub will provide zero-carbon heat and hot water to all homes and businesses at Elephant Park.

Elephant Park also features Central London’s largest, new green space for 70 years. The park at the centre of the development will feature landscaped green space, surrounded by mature trees and dotted with play areas, walking trails and a performance space. So there will be plenty of options for people looking to spend some time in the fresh air.

Surrounding the park, as well as new homes, will be a selection of shops, cafes, restaurants and dining experiences. Each with al fresco dining options allowing diners to look out onto curated, green space while they eat. Over 1,200 new trees will be planted across the development, so expect fresh air and a relaxing environment.

Last, but not least, Elephant Park will be well suited for those who love to cycle. If you have your own bike, you can enjoy dedicated cycle paths, bike routes and over 3,000 new cycle spaces. If you fancy a leisurely pedal, new hire cycles will be dotted around the development to encourage you to ditch the car. Speaking of cars, electric vehicles can top up with more juice at one of our charging ports.

All of these features are helping to make Southwark a more sustainable, and enjoyable, place to be. Visit the website to find more about Sustainability at Elephant Park, or if you’re looking to purchase property in Elephant Park, visit the dedicated page for more information.


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