Potato Wharf apartments

5 things to look for in Castlefield flats for sale

When you’re looking to buy a flat, it can be hard to know what to look out for. Once inside, our gut can tell us whether we ‘like’ the place, but what research should one come armed with before arranging a viewing? We’ve put together a checklist that relates specifically to our Castlefield flats for sale

  • Manchester stands proud as one of the best-connected cities in the UK, where you can get around easily. Manchester Piccadilly station ties many different modes of transport together and is the starting point for many visiting from further afield. At just 15 minutes’ walk away, Potato Wharf apartments are amongst the best-connected Castlefield flats for sale.

  • Buildings need to speak to current trends. For example, 2020 was a year of bike rides; helping us to simultaneously enjoy nature, burn the calories we lost from our daily step counts, and soak up some much-needed vitamin D. And while the year is new, the cycle trend shows no sign of slowing down. Castlefield flats for sale at Potato Wharf, Manchester, include a lower ground floor with lockable cycle storage to meet residents’ needs.

  • Buying property can be more than a transaction. For many, it’s a marker of stability, and with it, aspirations are allowed to breathe. For some, those aspirations take the form of a family. For others, a return to education at a local college or university, or a change of career in an educational administration or teaching role. Not to mention, of course, that property is an investment. Living in a catchment area near the top 10% of local primary schools can dramatically increase property value. See which schools are near Potato Wharf apartments.

  • It’s human nature to compare and contrast, so before you buy, you want to know that you’re getting a good deal. One of the ways to confidently do that is by having a firm grasp on current UK property prices. Land Registry’s UK house price index is regularly updated and provides a helpful overview of how prices measure up. 

    However, other statistics such as sustainability are also important. Lendlease is an industry leader in this regard, providing some of the greenest Castlefield flats for sale.

  • You may have wondered where the name Castlefield comes from. Although, if you know the area well, you may have put two and two together. At the heart of Manchester’s City Centre was a Roman fort, The Mamucium; or simply put, ‘a castle in a field’, from which we derive the area’s name today. It’s just one of many cultural landmarks that make Manchester an official area of historical interest, meaning that its charm and uniqueness is well protected. For a list of Manchester's finest landmarks, click here.