Elevated Garden at Park & Sayer

Park & Sayer’s Elevated Garden: A private oasis

Private, outdoor space is something that isn’t always on offer to those looking for apartments to buy in Central London. Especially one that’s beautifully situated high above street level, with views out across the green canopies of, perhaps, the greenest area in London’s Zone 1.

Park & Sayer is a sophisticated collection of 229 park-side flats for sale. As part of the Elephant Park development, it’s nestled in amongst an exceptional selection of retail, dining and curated green space. But for the real oasis of calm, you don’t even need to leave the building.

Welcome to the Elevated Garden. A planted, gloriously green outdoor space that’s situated above street level and exclusive to Park & Sayer residents. Leading out from the first-floor gym and resident’s lounge, you’ll step out into a tranquil, landscaped garden where there’s space to read, relax, or continue your fitness regime in the great outdoors. Trees line the perimeter, whilst seating areas provide a wonderful space for reflection. Shrubbery and planted flora create the true feel of a garden, albeit a couple of stories high!

There’s no doubt that, for anyone, a private garden oasis is a luxury but what’s the benefit of having access to green space in the city? Biophilia has the power to uplift and to calm. And when you don’t even need to leave your building to access it, there’s ample opportunity to enjoy.

Studies have found that regularly spending time in green areas lowers our stress levels, which in turn has a knock-on effect to improve our communication and decision making. When we make better decisions and communicate clearly, this impacts almost every other area of our life. And for those of us who face the hustle and bustle of an urban area like London, access to green areas is more important than ever.

The wider Elephant Park development brings an abundance of natural space to Elephant and Castle as a whole. In fact, the Elevated Garden itself is an architectural tool to relate Park & Sayer to the wider development outside. Park & Sayer borders the park, so as you look out from the first floor you’ll be eye to eye with grand, leafy trees, looking over expansive green space. When you walk out the front door, you can then enjoy the public realm extension of your private space, rolling land curated with fun features like Elephant Springs – a space where water springs out of natural rock formations and bubbles through the natural landscape.

When you purchase a property at Park & Sayer, there are even more amenities that are for resident’s use. The Sky Lounge is on the 24th floor, offering panoramic views across London. The gym and residents’ lounge are serving up flexible spaces for working and socialising, while the entrance lobby is a sight to behold – with double height ceilings and seating for you to catch up with a friend or host a meeting with colleagues. So when you’re searching for apartments to buy in Central London, pay consideration to the amenities on offer – they could bring a wealth of comfort and extra space to your daily life.

Find out more about Park & Sayer and check apartment availability, or read all about the design behind the building, from Architects Arney Fender Katsalidis.